Refunds and Returns

Returns Policy

We aim to please and so if you are unhappy with any part of your Alida May order then please contact as soon as possible. We're here to fix any problems so let's have a chat and we'll do all we can to satisfy you. Please ensure you contact us within 5 days of delivery if you believe your product is faulty.

We do not offer refunds for change of mind so please select carefully and please feel free to chat with us prior to purchase if you have any questions or would like some guidance. That is what we are here for.


Alida May offers a 6 month warranty on all purchased orders and from the purchased date. The warranty against defects does not cover loss, personal damage, breakage, changes in appearance, kinks, or the gradual degradation of all or part of the goods due to normal wear, mishap, careless handling, improper use, or use outside Alida May's care instructions. Please email for your warranty concerns. Responsibility of shipping and postage will be determined at time issue. If the retailer and Alida May are satisfied that the warranty claim is valid, we will arrange for the repair or replacement of the jewellery.


If you need to cancel your Alida May order then please contact us immediately for a full refund*

* If your order is due to be dispatched within 24 hours, we will deduct the shipping cost as couriers are organised and paid for in advance. If your order has already been despatched unfortunately we can no longer refund

Product Information

Sterling silver naturally tarnishes with the exposure to air and the environment as well as perfumes, lotions & perspiration. Silver should not be worn when it can come into contact with excessive perspiration, chlorinated water or household cleaners. Avoid wearing silver jewellery while in a pool, hot tub and applying body lotions, hair colours or perfumes. Over time oxidation can occur, causing silver to become tarnished. To prevent this tarnishing, keep silver in a cool, dry place, stored in acid-free tissue, or in a box or pouch. If your silver does become tarnished, it is easy to restore it to its original lustre by using a specialist silver polishing cloth, liquid polish or paste. Ensure any residues of polish or cleaning liquids are removed as some may cause silver to tarnish faster. Alternatively you may wash the jewellery in warm soapy water (such as dish washing liquid), using a soft bristle brush for intricate detail. After washing, rinse and ensure the jewellery is dried thoroughly by patting dry with a fine soft cloth. The best way to prevent tarnish is to wear your silver jewellery or use your silver items often.


  • Apply your make-up, perfume & hairspray prior to putting on your jewellery. Never spray perfume directly onto plated jewellery. The alcohol and acids in perfume will cause permanent damage.
  • Remove your jewellery before doing any household work, manual labour, swimming, bathing or showering.
  • When you are not wearing your pieces safely place each piece individually in cloth pouches, boxes or wrap in tissue to avoid scratching. Always let the chain dangle out of the bag to avoid tangle, knots & scratches.
  • Do not store jewellery next to heating vents, window sills, or in the car.
  • Wipe your jewellery carefully with a 100% cotton cloth to keep it clean from time to time